Pushdot Studio 093018

Joni Kabana, The Salt Workers of Afar at Pushdot Studio

August 3-September 30
Artist Reception: September 7th from 6-8pm for First Friday. (calendar)
(**Please note that there will not be a First Friday in August.)

Pushdot Studio
2505 SE 11th Avenue, Suite 104
Portland, OR 97202
Mon-Fri. 8:30am to 5:00pm, free admission

Discover the extraordinary world of Ethiopian salt workers who tirelessly extract salt from the Dankil Depression located in the Afar region of northern Ethiopia, a region sanctioned as being "the hottest place on earth." The series explores their extraction process, the surrounding landscape, their tools and attire, as well as some of the weather-worn faces of these devoted men.

Joni Kabana is a visual artist and communications specialist. She can be found at home or in remote villages across the globe working on magazine, NGO, corporate advertisement and personal projects, trying to stretch her beliefs and imagination as far as they will go.

Redux Gallery 093018

Small Talk Collective, Heartbreak City
August 3rd - September 30th
Opening Reception: First Friday, August 3rd, 2018, 6:00-9:00pm (calendar)

811 E Burnside St. #116
Portland, OR 97214
M-Sa: 11-7, Su: 11-5

Join us for a photography exhibition featuring the work of Small Talk Collective. Heartbreak City evokes the nostalgic feeling of warm summer nights, seedy motels, female desire, and being young and free. The exhibition will feature small editions of posters available to take home right away at affordable prices!
View full exhibition online at reduxpdx.com/reduxgallery.com

Small Talk Collective:
Briana Cerezo
Leslie Hickey
Kristina Hruska
Marico Fayre
Audra Osborne
Kelli Pennington
Jen Timmer Trail

Small Talk is a photography collective formed in Portland, Oregon in 2015. As a group, we explore the nature of what it means to be a visual storyteller, pool resources, provide support and critique, and facilitate community events and discussions. We engage in the best kind of “small talk,” that which binds us together both as a collective and within a larger community of women and minority artists, fostering stronger work and collaboration. Our first book, We’re Always Touching by Underground Wires, was published in April 2018.

Camerawork Gallery 083118

Andy Hann, Welcome To Hollywood

August 4th - August 31st, 2018 (calendar)

Camerawork Gallery (NEW LOCATION!!!!!!!)
301 N. Graham Street, Portland, OR 97227
Located in Lorenzen Conference Center - Legacy Emanuel Medical Center Campus.
New Hours: 9am - 6pm, Monday-Saturday, Sunday, 10am-4pm
Free off street parking available, Stair and elevator access

California native, Andy Hann notes, “Even as a young punk I was fascinated with the spectacle of Hollywood Boulevard. Equal parts circus and train wreck, for me it has always been a microcosm of all that is funky about America. Celebrity worship, garish displays of wealth, drug addiction, homelessness, exploitation, and urban decay, all on display for mindless tourists who meander through handing out the money that perpetuates it all.

“This series represents a three-year (and ongoing) photo essay that wades through the sites and stories of the quarter mile stretch known by the locals as “the boulevard of broken dreams”. While trying to be careful to never mock any individuals, it is a direct attempt at poking a stick at our culture, and holding up a mirror to who we are.”

About the Artist Andy Hann was born in 1962 and raised primarily in Southern California. Along with skateboarding and surfing, he developed a deep passion for art and design, which he followed into art school and then a prosperous 30-year career in entertainment advertising. After numerous awards and accolades he says that he woke up one day and decided he was all done pandering to clients, picked up a camera and just started shooting in the streets. “Street photography”, he says, “is now like a booger on my finger that I just can’t shake.”