Darkroom 111118

Art of the Darkroom for 8-12th Graders
Instructor: Bobby Abrahamson (www.bobbyabrahamson.com)

November 11 – December 2 (no class Nov. 25), 12 – 4 PM (Three Sundays) (calendar)
University of Portland, Buckley Center
5000 N. Willamette Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97203-5798

$168 (Financial aid available!)
To register: https://www.saturdayacademy.org/catalog/darkroom
For more information contact Saturday Academy: 503-200-5858

Will you be the next Ansel Adams or Dorthea Lange? Experience the magic of black and white photography from start to finish: shoot the image, develop the negative and print your photograph. Learn composition and lighting techniques for creating a good negative. Explore camera basics including f-stop, shutter speed and exposure. See your surroundings through a photographer's keen eye during walking field trips as you develop your individual style. In the darkroom, learn how to develop negatives and make prints, experiment with exposure, contrast, filters and paper. Explore the many different effects that can be achieved with a single negative. Choose your best photographs to develop into prints for your portfolio or for display.

Requirements: 35 mm camera, manual preferred