Astoria Workshops - 09-28-19

Two Astoria Workshops with Joni Kabana

Workshop #1
September 28, 2019
Astoria Walkabout: Capturing Editorial Content: 10am - 3pm (calendar)
Location: Astoria

This workshop will focus on the creation of editorial photography. Based upon her assignments with magazines and the travel/tourism industry, Joni will help you create photographs that appeal to these organizations. She will review each participant’s goals and set assignments accordingly, ending the workshop with a class review of the day’s work.

Workshop #2
September 28, 2019
Nighty Light: Nighttime Photography: 5pm - 9pm (calendar)
Location: Astoria

This workshop will focus on photographing in very low light conditions. The class (co-taught with filmmaker and photographer Jeff Daly) will be held in the Astoria Underground where we will play with light in a variety of ways (long exposure, light painting, use of blur, etc.).