Street Vision 11-15-19

Street Vision Photographs by Blake Andrews, Lisa Gidley, George Kelly, Gary Gumanow and James Han

Sept. 30 - Nov. 15, 2019
Reception and Gallery Talk, Thursday, Oct. 24, 5-6:30 pm (calendar)
South Santiam Hall Gallery
Linn-Benton Community College
6500 SW Pacific Blvd.
Albany, OR 97321
Open 8-5 Weekdays

from top left, Gary Gumanow, James Han, Lisa Gidley, Blake Andrews, George Kelly
Five Oregon photographers who create art from the fleeting moments of urban life will exhibit their work at Linn-Benton Community College's South Santiam Hall Gallery, 6500 SW Pacific Blvd., Albany, from Sept. 30 to Nov. 15, 2019.

Eugene photographer Blake Andrews will join Portland photographers Lisa Gidley, George Kelly, Gary Gumanow and James Han in an exhibit that explores the landscape of street photography in the new century.

Street photography has enjoyed a global resurgence in popularity over the last two decades, according to guest curator Rich Bergeman, a Corvallis photographer and retired LBCC instructor. He said his goal with the exhibit was to bring contemporary urban photography to the mid-valley, where it's not often seen or practiced.
“Street photography can be controversial in this age of privacy and political correctness,” he said. “But it can also bring us sparkling slices of time--candid, unguarded moments that are ironic, insightful, witty and surrealistic.”

Each of the five photographers in the show gathers his and her pictures from life on the streets, but each captures their art in different ways--some in color, some in black-and-white; some with traditional film cameras, some with iPhones.

Andrews, a well-known photographer in the Eugene area, has been actively photographing for 25 years. He primarily shoots 35mm film, but for this show will be exhibiting colorful images from the Oregon State Fair shot with an iPhone 6 in pano mode.

Gidley, who says she's been “wandering down various sidewalks with a camera since about 2002,” is showing recent work from New York City. In a break from the street photography tradition of small cameras and black-and-white film, she frequently photographs in color with a bulky medium-format camera.

Kelly also often uses color film and medium-format, but the prints he chose for this show are 35mm black-and-white images taken in Portland, Paris and Los Angeles. He is a self-taught photographer who first took up the camera in 1985.

Gumanow is a native New Yorker who first moved to Portland in 1997, then to Texas, and back to Portland in 2015, and is “happy to be home again.” The work in the LBCC show is from a series of black-and-white images he calls “Houdini Escaping San Francisco.”

Han is comparatively new to photography, having gotten serious about it in 2017, but now he carries a Leica M6 with him every day. He has lived in Portland since 1997, after moving from Seattle to become a mortician.

The South Santiam Hall Gallery is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.