Rachel Rosenbaum - 11-30-19

Rachel Rosenbaum, Darkroom Photography: Photos from WWII

November 1st - 31st 2019
Reception: Saturday, November 16th 5-7 PM (calendar)

Blue Moon Camera & Machine
8417 N Lombard Street
Portland, OR, 97203
Monday - Friday 9-6
Saturday 9-5 (except for reception date)
Sunday Closed

Edward E. Rosenbaum (1915 - 2009), a medic in the U.S. Army during World War II, was deployed in the invasions of Africa, Sicily, and Normandy. Throughout his tenure in the Army, he spent time perfecting his photography skills. After the war he settled in Portland, OR to raise a family and focus on his medical practice.

His granddaughter, Rachel Rosenbaum, also found interest in photography and working in the darkroom. In addition to her own work, she has been developing prints from Edward’s negatives found in old boxes kept by his family. Throughout developing her grandfather's photos, she was provided with insight into a part of his life that was unfamiliar to her. Although this project has been an emotional journey it has given her the opportunity to honor and preserve his memory.

Dreaming in Color 12-10-19

Dreaming in Color

November 9 - December 10, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 9, 5-8pm (calendar)

LightBox Photographic Gallery
1045 Marine Dr.
Astoria, OR 97103
(503) 468-0238

Steve Lease, Asia
LightBox Photographic Gallery host the artists’ opening reception for Dreaming in Color on Saturday, November 9, from 5-8 pm. Dreaming in Color is a celebration of photographic images where the color element is pivotal. Dreaming in Color was juried by one of the most talented purveyors of color in her photography, Jody Miller.

Forty-three photographers from around the country were chosen for the exhibit which includes 60 pieces. The Juror’s award was given to Steve Lease of Doylestown Pa., the second Juror’s Award to Chuck Kirchner of Tuscon, Arizona and the third Award to Dianne Yudelson of Pleasanton Ca. In addition five honorable mentions were awarded.

“Color is a very personal issue for most photographers. It’s also a completely individual experience, since not one of us sees color exactly the same way as anyone else. Our perception of color informs our choices as photographers and creates our emotional language. “Dreaming in Color” is about much more than our dreams. It is an invitation to explore your own uses of color in your photography and tell us how it influences your decisions in image making.” ~ Jody Miller

Jody Miller has been a photographer for most of her life. She has studied with Ansel Adams, Arthur Ollman and Jerry Uelsmann. Her photographs of landscape and cityscape have been featured in many publications. She has been featured in solo shows at Camerwork Gallery in Portland, the MorYork Gallery in Los Angeles, and LightBox Gallery in Astoria, with one image in the permanent collection of the Tate Gallery in London. Lens Culture named her one of “21 Great Female Photographers” in 2016 and she has won numerous awards both here in the US and internationally. She is a happy part time resident of Astoria, Oregon. Her website can be found at jodymillerphoto.com.

Congratulations to the photographers accepted into Dreaming in Color.

Steven Ballinger • Diane Cockerill • Mark Collins • Rob Dweck
Peter Friedman • Lara Gilks • Larry Gloth • George Johnson
Ken Johnson • Mark Indig • Stuart Allen Levy • James Lindley
Lori Pond • Michael Puff • John Ritchie • Bonnie Lamply
Eleanor Gorman • Christina Fontsare • Pat Rose • Ronald Butler
Patty Hankins • Angel O’Brien • Jeffrey Anderson • Liz Vaughn
Mary Hockenbery • Chuck Kirchner • John Wilmot • Steve Lease
David White • Gretchen Gallagher • Debbie Horst • Mark McVey
Shelly Curtis • Diane Yudelson • Slim Banks • M. Rouviere
Friderike Heuer • Julie Moore • Sam Blair • Brian Franczyk
Nicolas Hurlbut • Mark Dierker • Roger Dorband

Dreaming in Color will be on display in the gallery through December 10th. Please visit the gallery during the month to see the collection of work. Complete show info is on the LightBox website at http://lightbox-photographic.com/shows/. LightBox memberships are a way to become part of the community that helps to further the mission of the gallery. Contact LightBox at 503-468-0238 or info@lightboxphotographic.com. LightBox is located at 1045 Marine Drive in Astoria, hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 11 - 5:30.

M.C. Reardon 12-09-19

M.C. Reardon, EXHALE: earth / FOREST
Visual artist M.C. Reardon presents a dual exhibit of mixed media, paintings and photography

November 8-December 9, 2019
Opening reception: Friday November 8 5-7pm / artist's talk 6pm (calendar)

Lincoln City Cultural Center
540 NE Highway 101
Lincoln City OR
Open Thursday-Monday 9am-5pm
email: lincolncityarts@gmail.com
website: www.lincolncity-culturalcenter.org

Joanna Macy once wrote "As we work to heal the Earth, the Earth heals us." This exhibit creates a space of Nature, inner transformation and neutral sanctuary; contemplating the idea of wild nature simply enduring, going about its daily business, living in the present moment, at peace.and yet.still influenced by our presence.

EXHALE: earth is a body of work using ancient Taoist art as both inspiration and vehicle of expression; exploring the interconnection between Nature and Humanity, as well as, considering the idea that Nature does not live in the boundaries that we do, in tiny squares on a satellite map, but within the vast landscape we have built our homes upon.

FOREST is a collection of photographs, influenced by personal memories of the quiet, lush forests of Reardon's home state of Oregon. There are reflections of the senses and spirit; when the harmony of a forest left unaltered by humanity creates balance within, and the lessons of a forest growing into itself build foundations of collaboration, mutual sustainability and interdependence.

At the show's opening reception, Reardon will be launching her latest art book 'forest', which features over 90 of her color and B+W photographs, created with digital and vintage film cameras; 25 of these images will be framed and hung throughout the Chessman Gallery. 40% of all art sales from this show will directly benefit the Lincoln City Cultural Center; a vibrant hub of artistic expression and arts education on the central Oregon coast.

New work that echoes the textures of the forest by Lincoln County ceramic artist Chasse Davidson, will be included as well.

To learn more about Reardon and her creative work please visit: