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photos by Roberto D'Aquino
In the window of a shop in Siena, Via dei Stalloreggi 
Translation:  We often open the shop at 9:00 AM, or 10:00 AM, sometimes also at 07:00, some days not before 12:00, or 13:00.  We will close about 17:30, 18:00 PM, sometimes at 16:00, or 17:00, but also at 23:00 PM, or 24:00.

Some days we are not here, but recently we have opened all days, also if we were in an another place, but we should been always here.

Infrared, taken on 15th of May 2015 in front of Monteriggioni Castle, near Siena

Madonna, is taken on winter 2014/2015 with a Fuji XT-1 and a Nikon Nikkor 50mm f 1,2 @t f1,2 through an adapter, inside this Church ",_Florence "
to test this wonderful glass on Fuji X-Trans, and I like the bokeh rendering of the golden aura on God on the back....probably is too religious to my opinion, but I like the effect.

Taken in front of the Staggia Castle,  that's an important place from 1000, to 1300, because it was on the Old Francigena way, where pilgrims cross Europe, from France, to go to Rome, today many people will come in Tuscany to go along this way, by bike or foot. 

Taken last year in June, with the Fuji XT-1 under an arch in Tirli

Infrared taken on via Cassia, not far from Poggibonsi

Taken a few kilometers past San Quirico d' Orcia,  on Via Cassia,  (one famous Roman street that crosses Italy).  Made with aSony 7R, and a Canon Ef 300 f 4,0 through an adapter, and cut as a panorama.

Infrared taken on the Villamagna Street, which is exactly in fron of Volterra.
Ponte Vecchio - Infrared

Near Volterra - infrared

Home - Infrared

Near Pienza, Val d' Orcia
Florence by Night

By Willem Wernsen

PhotoZone Member Herman Krieger

Willem gave Herman this copy of a photo he made in China.  He took part of an international photo exposition in China last November.

Photography by Mustafa Dedeoğlu 


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김경식 Kyeong - sent some images he made while visiting the US.

Simyeon recently had his third solo exhibition entitled 'Wobbly Island.' Here are a few of his images.