PhotoZone members in LightBox Show

Three PhotoZone members to be in the Alternative Visions Show at LightBox Gallery in Astoria.

Sarah Grew, Susie Morrill and Walt O'Brien have been selected to show .  The show runs through November 5.

The Alternative Visions Exhibit is part of the 2019 LightBox Symposium for Alternative Process Photography , (click on link)
hosted by LightBox Photographic Gallery in Astoria, Oregon on September 13, 14, 15, 2019.
We are honored to have Christina Z. Anderson, one of the nations’ finest photographic educators as juror for this Exhibit.

“The alternative process “movement” which began around the 1960s was largely a return to 19th century hand coated processes as an alternative to corporately controlled gelatin silver paper. Today there has been a conflation of gelatin silver, C-prints, 19th century processes, and printmaking into the alternative process genre. Even digital means of image capture are now a part of this practice with some processes such as image transfer or palladium over ink jet which use digital printing in part. The hallmark of the field is that the end result is a hands-on, handmade print.

Ocotillo - Cyanotype © Sarah Grew
Snarled Brush - Platinum/Palladium print © Walt O'Brien
Man and oxen, Cuba - Susie Morrill