What is PhotoZone ?

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Photo Made on June 8th 2014

Photo Made in 2011
About PhotoZone

PhotoZone is a collection of diverse individuals interested in the art and craft of photography. The group’s goal is to provide members a chance to increase their knowledge and appreciation of photography while also providing numerous opportunities to advance their technical and artistic skills in a friendly and supportive environment.

A wide variety of photographic styles, methods and interests are found within the membership. From the latest digital techniques to old school methods, from view cameras to smart phones, PhotoZone welcomes them all.

PhotoZone currently has approximately 40 members. New members are welcomed after work is juried by current members.

Some background info

In 1988 a group of 18 photographers opened an exhibit in the old Midgley building on High St. in Eugene Oregon and the PhotoZone Gallery was born. Regarding the group’s purpose, a member wrote: “The primary requirement for membership is a dedication to photography as an expressive medium”. Over a quarter century and 100+ exhibits later, PhotoZone continues to provide a venue for fine art photography in Eugene.

The group continues to exhibit in various locations and sponsors a juried show every July which is open only to non-members. Many photographic artists receive their first public exposure by entering PhotoZone’s annual juried show.

Watch a short video on PhotoZone on Youtube.  http://youtu.be/NmkTR7zBks0